Ohrid city

There have been many stories written about Ohrid. Many legends, miles of travelogues. Hundreds of songs and poems. Ohrid has been painted, photographed, filmed, documented, dug, explored, conservated. Ohrid has been built and rebuilt, remembered and retold.

And between all of the stories about the 365 churches, the kings that jelaously loved Ohrid only for themselves, the Saints who have written the cyrilic alphabet in the reflection of the waves, between all of the stories that the stonebricks across the city, the fisherman boats, the beaches and the caffee bars that make love with the lake can tell you about, we invite you to come and experience the most important and the most beautiful story about Ohrid: your story.

Come to Ohrid and be a part of its history and future – at the same time. Ohrid can do that! And You deserve it!